This necklace was created using my children’s handwriting. I asked them to write down a word that they would use to describe me. I permanently etched it onto the discs. A treasured keepsake!

Price: $32 (approx. price) Actual price depends on the etching details, and the quantity of discs.

Laura Kuck

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I love to create ART that brings joy to others! What started as an interest (and a college degree) in interior design, has led me to designing jewelry. As a crazy, busy mom of three boys, I wanted to have a "hobby" that allowed me to keep my family a priority. I have been creating jewelry since 2008. So far, I've managed to keep a healthy balance of work and family, for which I'm extremely thankful. Over the next few weeks, I plan to upload most of my designs to this site. Check back designs will be added, also! Contact me with any questions or to place an order. Orders are not limited to what you see posted here...Your creativity is always welcome!